Bentonite clay mask for eczema and dermatitis: how effective?

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Bentonite clay mask for eczema and dermatitis: how effective it is?

Thanks for stopping by, today we will be discussing about how to leverage on the potency of Bantonite clay to clear up eczema, dermatitis and lots more.

Have you tried numerous products just to deal and finally clear up your eczema but all efforts keeps falling like a house of card?

Don’t worry we all have found our self in such a situation before, that’s what made us who we are today.
With out having a life experience we wouldn’t be here giving you the best help and advice you long for.


Bentonite clay is a super-absorbent mineral based clay that is gotten from volcanic ash.

Bantonite clay have a natural potency to detox the body from well known infection and disease, I am a living witness. Bantonite clay is also rich in nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, copper etc.

Bantonite clay is also known as calcium bentonite or green clay, this class of clay has been used for thousands of years because of it natural potency

Brief history of Bantonite clay

Bantonite clay derived it name where it was found in commercial quantities.
The name of the towns where Bantonite clay was first found was Fort Benton, Wyoming and Montmorillon located in France.

Bantonite clay is naturally odorless and soft and also have an ability to produce a negative electric charge.

What does bentonite detox do?

Bantonite clay has the power to detoxify and clean your skin and hair from eczema and dermatitis, what makes it unique is its ability to produce negative electric charge when added with water. This electrical charge gives it the ability to attract positive charge in toxins.

How to make use of Bantonite clay

Caution : before you go through the process on how to make use of this clay it’s wise we let you know that on no account should you allow bentonite clay to come in contact with metal.

For it to retain it potency Only make use of plastic.

Bantonite clay can be used externally and internally depending on your choice of preference.

Bantonite clay can be use to reduce digestive problem, vomiting and also to cure several skin diseases. But we are going to concentrate on it effectiveness on eczema.

Method 1
Bantonite clay can be added to a bucket of water,at least add about 1/4 cup allow it content to dissolve properly before using it to have a cool shower.

Method 2
This is the method that is most preferable to me because when i first used this method i got instant relief.
First mix it in a little water and stir it until it turn into a paste, then gently apply it to the affected area that is hit by eczema.
Wait for a few minutes or even an hour for it to dry properly before you wash with soft water.

You will notice that the constant itching and pain will subside

Methods 3
This 3rd option involves you drinking it down your body and it works greatly because you are dealing with the root cause from the inside which is a key to dealing chronic eczema.

Should in case you don’t know how to drink it just follow this procedure. Add 1 tea spoon of bentonite clay with water a drink.

Shake it very well and allow to mix before drinking it. You can do this once per day which should be sustain for 7 days.

Bantonite Face mask

Bentonite clay can be used as a face mask, when your face is badly hit with eczema/dermatitis and other forms of skin inflammation.

For me i usually apply it daily but as a first time user you should apply it just once in a weak and notice the results it gives.

It’s advisable to make a paste of it well mixed with apple cider vinegar then apply it all over your face,wait for it to dry very well 30 minutes to 1 hr is okay before you can safely wash it off using soft water .

Is Bentonite Clay safe for sensitive skin?

Do you have a sensitive skin? If yes then be cautious on how long you make use of it, don’t leave it on your skin for longer hour.

But on a general ground Bantonite clay is very safe for those with sensitive skin, no matter your skin type, age, young or old it’s still safe to make use of Bantonite clay.

Benefits of a Bentonite Clay Mask

Bentonite clay mask is beneficial to us in numerous ways, take a look at the point I have listed below :

  • Draws out toxins
  • Prevents blackheads
  • Leaves skin feeling softer
  • Reduces appearance of scars
  • Treats acne (prevents breakouts and helps clear up acne)
  • Unclogs and shrinks pores
  • Heals and regenerates skin tissue
  • Excellent natural exfoliator
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Leaves your face glowing

Bantonite clay with Shampoo

Most people prefer to use Bantonite class in place of shampoo. How do they do this? first they mix it with Aloe Vera or Apple Cider Vinegar which is them apply directly to the hair scalp.

How to use bentonite clay to clear weeping eczema

Do you have a weeping skin as a result of prolonged eczema? if yes then try bentonite clay on it and feel the magical wonders.

You might even ask how to apply it,don’t worry that’s not a problem we will put you through here to avoid any confusion.

For me i normally do this on weekends or before bed time.
I make sure i mix Bantonite clay with water or even with hydrosol to reduce it harshness on my tender skin, then i will gently apply it to the area and leave it to dry up.

What happens next is that all toxins and bacteria will be drawn out from your skin along side with all excess moisture.

Bentonite clay shouldn’t be use for a longer period of time reason because of it alkalinity which could disrupt your skin PH level.
Always go for the best clay and also ensure that they are free from lead which could be poisonous.
Get it from the right source, that’s the only way you could be sure it’s free from other impurities such as lead.

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