2021 best foundation for eczema acne, rosacea and psoriasis reviews

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2021 best foundation for eczema acne, rosacea and psoriasis

Thanks for stopping by, In this article we will show you a list of best foundation and makeup for eczema, acne, rosacea and psoriasis.

we will not only list some of the best foundation but you will also learn how to select the best foundation that suit with your skin.
This products have been certified safe for sensitive skin.

When our skin get infected by eczema, acne, rosacea or psoriasis for most of us the first line of call is to apply cosmetic to cover up the scar.

Skin discoloration are hardly to deal with but getting the right foundation /makeup will help you achieve your desired results.

However we pay little or no attention to the content of this products forgetting that some of this products contains some chemicals that might be harmful to our skin.

Some of us who are Sensitive, asthmatics or those who are with multiple chemicals sensitivity might be affected or have their symptoms worsen if they inhale certain types or brands of cosmetic.

Chemicals such parabens are known to disrupt hormones according to scientificamerican, Other chemicals such as phthalates have been linked to cancer and reproductive toxicity [source] and are common ingredients used in most cosmetic. in fact phthalates have been banned in Europe but most companies in US still make use of this chemicals.

It’s important you pay much attention to the ingredients or formula used to produce most of this cosmetics.

To save you the stress in trying to get the best best cream foundation or makeup brands for eczema,acne, rosacea and psoriasis we are going to assist you to pick the best top 10 that have be certified as safe for sensitive skin.

Dermacia Breathable Foundation for eczema acne, rosacea and psoriasis

best review

This product is completely non irritating to eczema, acne, psoriasis and other skin problem.

why i recommend this make up brand for you is because it serves two purposes. While it provides a perfect coverage for you by hiding those skin discoloration you don’t like to be seen. Dermacia Breathable Foundation slowly heals your skin .

What makes it to stand out from others
  • breathable makeup: i use this term because it allows oxygen to pass through your skin when you apply it.
  • hypoallergenic: this particular product has been known to be non allergic which makes it more friendly and save to eczema, acne, rosacea, psoriasis and sensitive skin.
  • Water resistant: unlike most regular makeup brands which are easily wash off by water, this particular foundation /makeup is resistant to water for a period of about 90 minutes.
  • Fragrance Free: this foundation is completely free from fragrance. some types of fragrance are likely to flare up eczema and acne
Product information value
Water resistant
Fragrance Free
ingredients Titanium Dioxide, Isododecane, Isohexadecane;

Bella Pierre Mineral Foundation eczema
acne, rosacea and psoriasis


best review


this particular brand is produced by a U.S based company that is well known to produced several lines of cosmetic and skincare products.

What makes it to stand out from others

  • Multifunctional: Bella Pierre Mineral Foundation is a multifunctional cosmetic product that serves as concealer, SPF, setting powder, and finishing powder.
  • Serves as a sunscreen :What makes this foundation powerful is its zinc oxide which helps deals with wounds and burns not only that it protects the skin from sun.
  • Resistant to moisture: Finally Bella Pierre Mineral Foundation is resistant to moisture and last long this is due to it iron oxide constituents.
  • hypoallergenic: it’s not known to cause allergies, so you have no worries about this
  • Antiinflammatory: it Anti-inflammatory properties helps it to reduce and in most cases heals wounds and burns.
Product review checklist
Resistant to moisture
ingredients Mica, Zinc Oxides, Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxide


Aneley Cosmetics
Natural/Organic Liquid Mineral Foundation

best review

is packed with vitamins E, Grapefruit seed extract and it is also an Aloe based product.


Chemicals such as phthalates and parabens known to have a long term interference with our system, also dyes are known to cause some adverse effects [read more about effect of dyes]

One of the good news is that this particular product is zero free from all this chemicals we have mentioned


What makes it to stand out from others
  • acts as a moisturizer: if you are experiencing extreme dryness the try this product, it helps to lubricate the skin
  • sunblock: this particular brand of foundation protects against sunburn as it helps to reflect the sun’s ultraviolet radiation
Product review checklist
ingredients Aloe based, Chamomile, shea butter, rice powder, vitamin E, Grapefruit seed extract

EVXO Natural Coverage Liquid Mineral Foundation Makeup- Eczema


best review

EVXO Natural foundation which is loaded in vitamin E is a powerful anti-inflammatory foundation that is suited to all skin types irrespective of their sensitivity to inflammation.

If you are looking for a foundation makeup that will help keep your look light, maintain your natural beauty while you apply them and at the same time cover up scars cause by eczema and other skin infection then i will recommend this product to you.


What makes it to stand out from others

  • Anti-inflammatory properties :EVXO Natural Coverage Liquid Mineral Foundation Makeup packed with Chamomile which helps to reduce inflammation and also relief all kind of pain caused by eczema and most skin infection.
  • Removes blemishes: am sure no one will like to have blemishes on their face or any part of the body.
Product review checklist
remove blemishes
formula Chamomile,Thyme,Vitamin E

Jane Iredale Liquid Mineral Foundation

best review

this particular brand of foundation has a lot of reviews and it seems popular which is a plus to the manufacturer of this brand.

So I quickly had to check it’s main ingredients which is hyaluronic acid. I know you might probably want to run away immediately you hear the word acid, well i have made some research on that and it’s something you don’t need to worry about.

hyaluronic acid is not new to us in fact it’s already in our skin,eyes,internal fluid and also in our tissues.
hyaluronic acid is have the ability to retain moisture in your body which goes a long way to prevent any form of inflammation of the skin.

Jane Iredale Liquid Mineral Foundation has is made up of another powerful ingredient know as Coenzyme which serves as an antioxidants and also an anti-aging ingredient.


What makes it to stand out from others
  • Anti-aging :Jane Iredale Liquid Mineral is designed to make you look younger
  • Moisturizer : it serves as a good moisturizer as it helps to prevent flaking and dryness in your skin hence making your skin to be softer.
  • Promote healing: it helps to promote healing and and inflammation
Product review checklist
formula click here to see a list of ingredients

how to choose foundation color for my face

Now that we have listed some few foundation makeup brands that we consider safe for your skin, let’s take time to show you how to find out how best to choose foundation color that will match your face.

Not all colors of foundation can suit your face, there are some factors that you must take into consideration when you want to order for a particular brand you liked.

Questions you should be ready to answer are:

What is the nature of your skin:
The first question you should ask your self is “do i have an oily or dry skin“, “is my skin a kind of sensitive?”

Another thing you should try to find out about your self is how smooth is your face, is it very rough, is the. discoloration too obvious, the acne or eczema on your face is it noticeable from afar?


  • Now about the nature of your skin: If you have an oily skin it will be a bad idea to go for a foundation that contains oil because no matter how good the foundation is it won’t last long on your face, because it will surely break down and slid off.The best idea is to go for Oil free foundation.
  • For sensitive skin: if you have a sensitive skin then you must avoid foundation that contains dyes, fragrance and preservatives.
  • For rough skin: you should go for a mineral based foundation that are rich with titanium dioxide which protects the skin from sunburn or sericite

Step 2

Apply it on your face:

Another way you can find identity which one is suitable for your skin is to go for physical inspection.

Walk up to the store, tell them to give you an already opened one that is not sealed then gently rob a little across your face.
Note: the one that matches your skin won’t be obvious as it blends perfectly with your skin.

Warning: Never you test a product at the back of your hands, you will miss out as the tone of your face is lighter than that of your your face

We believe that with this tips w have shared here you be properly guided and make the right choice you won’t regret when next you want to buy a any type of foundation for your skin
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