Best oil free non comedogenic sunscreen for oily, acne prone skin 2022

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In this article we shall gives you a list of oil free non comedogenic sunscreen that will perfectly protect you from sunburn and free radicals.

the protective ozone layer is gradually becoming thinner,leaving we human exposed to dangerous ultraviolet rays which is capable of causing various illness such as skin cancer, wrinkles and sunburn.

To be on the safe side and to protect our body from free radicals irrespective of the weather condition it’s important we put on sunscreen which will serve as a shield thereby limiting sunburn.

How to Spot a Good Sunscreen

  • For me any sunscreen that have an SPF below 15 is a no no. So a good sunscreen should have at least 15 SPF.
  • A good sunscreen should be able to repelled free radicals for at least 2 hours
  • Always check if they are broad spectrum or not. A good sunscreen should protect you from both UVB and UVA.
  • A good sunscreen should not clog pores – non comedogenic.
  • They should not cause any form of allergies, that means they should be free from chemicals that can harm you.

Finally American Academy of Pediatrics recommends using sunscreens with at least an sun protection factor of 15.

Classification of sunscreen

Generally sunscreen can be classified into two groups

  • Mineral sunscreen : mineral sunscreen is also referred as physical blockers because they act by physically blocking the ultraviolet rays from the sun. They are less toxic, their main ingredient are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide
  • Chemicals sunscreen : this kind of sunscreen are composed of chemicals that absorb rather than block ultraviolet rays.

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list of oil free non comedogenic sunscreen for oily, acne prone skin

Always go for a broad spectrum sunscreen that offers full protection from both UVB and UVA

Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen – for oily and acne prone skin

the name Blue Lizard might sound strange to you but trust me this particular facial cleanser is not only save but provides better protection.

This is a mineral base sunscreen that won’t cause any irritation to you. It is pack with Zinc Oxide which is known to protect against sunburn.

How it works


When you apply the Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen on your body mostly your face, it dissolve and sink into your body acting as a mirror that constantly reflects rays.


  • Mineral based supplement.
  • It serves as a good moisturizer
  • It is serves as antioxidants
  • If you are looking for a sunscreen that will help you absorb excess oil then i will recommend Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen
Product review checklist
non comedogenic
broad spectrum
mineral sunscreen
SPF 30

Nurture My Body Sunscreen for acne prone skin

this is a Non-comedogenic sunscreen that is 100% free from dangerous chemicals.

This is a mineral base sunscreen that is well blended with the following ingredients

  • shea butter : shea butter is rich in vitamin E, A, vitamin F and also supply us with fatty acids that helps moisturize our skin which helps to reduce inflammation.
  • Vitamin E: the presence of vitamins E in this product makes it a powerful antioxidant
  • Jojoba oil : jojoba oil contain an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents relieving any form of irritation on the skin.

What makes this products stands out is that unlike others sunscreen products it is save for both children, adults and even babies.

Product review checklist
non comedogenic
broad spectrum
water resistant
SPF 35

Neutrogena Sheer Zinc Oxide Dry-Touch Face Sunscreen – oil free:

this is a broad spectrum sunscreen that is packed with vitamins E which helps to block free radicals that is responsible for wrinkles and aging.

Neutrogena Sheer Face Sunscreen Is free from harmful chemicals that can cause irritation to your skin such as parabens, phthalates. It’s also a dyes and fragrance free sunscreen that offers superior protection against aging.
What makes this sunscreen stands out is because of its ability to resist water up to about 80 minutes making it to last longer.

One of the turn off about this product is because it’s not a lightweight what i mean here is that when you apply it there is this heaviness you feel all over your face. But above all it tends to last longer than any other product as you don’t need to keep applying it over and over again through out the day.


  • It’s an excellent sunscreen that does what it says
  • It’s water resistant and last up to 2 hours
  • It’s pack with vitamins E that prevents or slow down wrinkles and aging.
Product review checklist
non comedogenic
broad spectrum
water resistant
SPF 50

Beyond Coastal Active Sunscreen for oily skin

Beyond Coastal sunscreen is a water and sweet resistant sunscreen that is packed with antioxidants that help repair your skin.

Beyond Coastal Active sunscreen Falls under the category of sunscreen that are water resistant, no matter how long you spend under the sun you are covered with this sunscreen.

Beyond Coastal Active sunscreen is also a broad spectrum that offers protection and defense from UVA and UVB and it’s highly recommended for oily skin although it’s a chemical base sunscreen.
A friend of mine used it and honestly she gave a positive review about this product.

Product review checklist
non comedogenic
broad spectrum
water resistant
SPF 34



Toning and strengthening is a lightweight mineral sunscreen that promise to restore your aging skin .

It’s a broad spectrum sunscreen that is free of chemicals, preservatives and fragrance and at the same time offers you protection from free radicals that are known to cause cancer and other related skin diseases.


Why i like this product is because it’s water resistant for up to 2 hours and also a mineral base, i personally prefer mineral to chemical based sunscreen because of their ability to repel rather than absorb.

Product review checklist
non comedogenic
Mineral based
broad spectrum
water resistant
SPF 40

Beauty by Earth’s face sunscreen for oily, dry and acne prone skin


this is a facial moisturizer lotion that has a non-comedogenic formula that works on all skin types, so if you have an oily skin, dry skin, acne prone skin or sensitive skin you can make use of it. It’s highly recommended for all skin type.

If you have excessive wrinkled skin then this might give you a great relieve and can also be helpful with aging skin.

To achieve your desired results it’s best you wash your face before applying it.

Unlike other types of sunscreen this particular brand is not restricted as both babies and adults can make use of it.

Product review checklist
non comedogenic
Mineral based
broad spectrum
water resistant
SPF 20

Oil Free Sunscreen Lotion by Coppertone – oil free for oily skin

If you are looking for a sunscreen that won’t break out and at the same time won’t clog pores then consider coppertone oil free sunscreen.

Dermatologist tested, its a lightweight lotion that promise to protect you from sunburn for at least 2 hours and same time keep your skin moisturized.

We all know the danger posed by the invincible rays from the sun. Honestly you will be thrilled by the outcome you will get when you start making use of this product.

The only turn off in this product is that it’s not a mineral base sunscreen but above all it has great features.

Key features:

  • Lightweight and Fast Absorbing:
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Fragrance-free
  • Dermatologist Recommended Brand
Product review checklist
non comedogenic
Mineral based
broad spectrum
water resistant
SPF 30

Warning: sunscreen can only be applied on your body, try as much as you can to prevent it from coming in contact with your eyes, don’t swallow it and always keep it away from the reach of children.
Never you apply sunscreen on a broken surface, wounds and it’s for external use only

why you should wear sunscreen everyday-benefits

avoid Painful burns: those who don’t wear sunscreen are indirectly subjecting their skin to sun burning rays which have been linked to cancer. Some of the symptoms of sun burns include the following:

  • Redness of the skin
  • Swelling around the exposed area
  • At times it can result to blisters

prevent Increased wrinkles: wrinkles are one of the signs of aging. When you expose your self to the sun you might experience excessive wrinkles all over the your body.

Potential Scarring: you can suffer from blisters which most times are extremely painful.

Others include dry skin , dark spots, rough spots, and skin cancers.

It’s important you put on sunscreen as this can protect and prevent you from all these.

Is it safe to use sunscreen on a daily basis?

should i wear sunscreen on my face everyday, do i really need sunscreen every day?
A lot of people are really worried that that wearing of sunscreen everyday might be counterproductive because of this they should skip it or probably put it on few times a week.

Most people are really concerned that sunscreen might prevent them from getting vitamin D from the sun but the Cancer Council Australia public health committee chair Craig Sinclair refuted claims and of the opinion that sunscreen won’t prevent anyone from getting free vitamin D from the sun.

Some individuals have raised concern about the chemical content used in producing this product as they might be counterproductive. This shouldn’t make you dump sunscreen in fact you should pay attention more on the ingredients used in making this product and always stick to Dermatologist Recommended ones.

How often you should wear sunscreen

For Sunscreen to fully work and activate itself, its best you apply it on the skin at least 30 minutes before going, if you follow this rule you will indirectly allow all ingredients used in production it to sink into your body

Can you wear sunscreen under makeup – does it work ?

We found out that a lot of women are confused in this area weather they should wear sunscreen under or on makeup. You have to understand that wearing sunscreen on top of makeup won’t allow it to sink properly so it’s best you apply it directly on your skin and allow it to dry before you make up.

Although you can still apply it on makeup but this might limit as it can be easily washed off by sweat or water.

mixing sunscreen with foundation

Never you mix both content together because by doing this you can dilute the SPF rendering it less potent.

If you have an oily or acne prone skin It’s highly recommended you choose a sunscreen that best suit your skin. go for a non comedogenic sunscreen which are made up of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.
If you suspect that you are developing negative reaction from the use of any products listed above,its best you discontinue immediately.

Always try to limit exposure to direct sunlight as much as you can. Try to put on protective cloths that covers all exposed area of your body
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