Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen Baby SPF 30

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Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen Baby SPF 30

If you’ve been looking for a travel-friendly baby skin centric sunscreen, this might just be right for your kids as it was designed to fit the soft nature of your baby or kid’s skin.

A little back story on this brand of sunscreen states that they are an Australian brand and are a dermatologist and pediatrician trusted and recommended mineral sunscreen for kids for close to 20 years now.

Type: Mineral/ Physical Sunscreen | Broad Spectrum: UVA and UVB protection | SPF: 50 | Dimension: 6.5 x 1.7 x 1 inches | Weight: 0.32 ounces | Color: White.

It has a gentle effect on the skin while still solidly protecting the skin from the harmful sun rays capable of destroying collagen in the skin.

Besides having a really gentle effect on sensitive and delicate skin, this sunscreen has no fragrance, paraben or chemical based ingredients.

With Zinc oxide and Titanium oxide at its base, this sunscreen poses no real threat to sensitive and delicate skin as it guards you against sunburns.

The blue lizard sunscreen is infused with hyaluronic acid that’s healthy for the skin. Its water resistant properties puts your mind at rest when you see them playing in the pool or near water.

Although, it’s safe to monitor their movement in water by yourself or with the help of a true life guard.

The ingredients that form this baby sunscreen are quite natural and skin friendly, leaving no room for skin irritation.

These ingredients, like other sunscreens are of two varieties. There are the active ingredients which consist of: 5% of Titanium Dioxide and 10% of Zinc Oxide.

The inactive ingredients include:

All of these enlisted ingredients above do not only form the basis of the blue lizard sunscreen but also accounts for why this brand of sunscreen is an excellent travel size sunscreen for you and your baby’s skin.

Directions on how to apply Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen

If you are unable to get application direction from your dermatologist, you can follow the general sunscreen application.

Start by shaking the sunscreen very well before proceeding to apply it on the body of your child. Then, apply sunscreen on their skin liberally and gently.

Ensure that it touches every spot on their skin so that they are adequately protected from the sun rays and do not get sunburns.

It should be noted that the fact that this sunscreen is suitable for the delicate skin of children does not mean it is suitable for the skin of babies under 6 months of age.

Hence, before you intuitively apply this sunscreen on your baby’s skin, consult a physician for advice first.

Combine this sunscreen with sun protection measures and you would have given your kids the gift of great and healthy looking skin.

Features of Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen

  1. It is made up of natural ingredients like Zinc Oxide and Titanium oxide both of which are FDA approved.
  2. It lacks Paraben and fragrance which makes it perfect for sensitive and kid’s delicate skin.
  3. It is water resistant and can protect your child in water under the excruciating sun for close to 80 minutes


  • It rubs in quickly and is not too greasy
  • It does not melt underneath the sun but instead stands and guards the skin against harmful sun rays.
  • It does not irritate sensitive and delicate skin.


  • The fake variant of this sunscreen is very dangerous to your children’s skin. Hence, either purchase directly from the company or from a trusted retailer.