Bullfrog Sunscreen review: 2022 Buying Guide

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Type: Chemical Sunscreen | Broad Spectrum: UVA and UVB protection | SPF: 36 | Dimensions: 5.3 × 2.4 × 1.5 inches | Weight: 3.2 ounces | Color: Green.

Sunscreens are basically weaponing against the sun; it is a protection strategy against the burning effects of the sun that might lead to cancerous ailments. Sunscreens come in various forms such as lotion, spray, foam, maybe gel or sticks.

Most sunscreens have SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of over 15, hence increasing chances of protection against ultraviolet B rays; the light from the sun that causes skin change.

Bullfrog sunscreen, however, is a multi-sport active sunscreen that is formulated with ultimate performance and protection.

Known for its innovative ability to offer water resistant and sun protection, the product won favoritism amongst ball players, fishermen, basketballers, and every individual that engaged in outdoor activities.

The bullfrog product consists of sun and insect protection which makes the product of multiple advantages. The root of the product continues to speak for itself.

With the Chattanooga-based sunblock line being reef friendly, that is, it doesn’t consist of coral bleaching substances.

The waterproof and sun proof product is of advantage, considering it doesn’t contain zinc oxide, an effective chemical against sun, but toxic to dogs. It also consists of low amounts of octisalate- a salicylate that is a frequent substance in sunscreens.

The most active ingredients include 3% of avobenzone, 15% homosalate, 5% octisalete, 10% octocrylene, 6% mexoryl SX.

Furthermore, the bullfrog sunscreen has the ability to moisturize your skin with the help of aloe and vitamin E.

Like miners or physical sunscreen, it can retain sunscreen effect on your skin 80 minutes after perspiration or spending time in water.

Due to its water-resistant activity, bullfrog sunscreen is highly recommended for surfers and fishermen. It locks in to protect water activities which means its function remains after a hectic day.

Some of the things to pay attention to is that bullfrog shouldn’t be used for a skin that is going through or recovering for a breakage as a result of the chemicals used in producing the sunscreen might cause further damage.

Some of the advantages, however, might be the inability for it to be greasy or leave terrible slashes of white paste shade on your skin.

Another thing to consider is the need to top up your sunscreen after two hours because the effects would wear off after time, rendering its function; inactive.

Direction on how to make use of Bullfrog Sunscreen

Most sunscreen, like this bullfrog sunscreen, should only be applied on the skin as the capacity of the skin on the face differs from the skin covering your entire body.

Although there are directions for the application inscribed on the body of the sunscreen, some might be unclear.

Hence, it is best to consult your doctor for directions. Nevertheless, here is a general application of the bullfrog sunscreen. Feel free to do otherwise if advice’s by your dermatologist.

The bullfrog sunscreen should be applied and rubbed into the skin 30 minutes before entering the sun to get the protection against sun that your skin requires.

1 ounce (30gram) of sunscreen should be enough to cover all the skin that’s likely to be exposed to the sun.

Sunscreens are usually applied during outdoor activities especially to the beach. Hence, it is good to re-apply the bullfrog sunscreen on your skin at every 2 hour interval if you’re going to be sunbathing for longer than expected.

Nevertheless, reapply sunscreen after soaking your body in water like the Swimming pool or after sweating out and drying your body with a towel.

This is because in the process of the above enlisted activities, you might have wiped the sunscreen off your skin, leaving your body prone to dangerous UV rays of the sun and, in extreme cases, prone to skin cancer.

However, if you must apply this sunscreen on your face, try as much as possible to avoid contact with your eyes. However, in a case where it comes in contact with your eyes by mistake, ensure you thoroughly wash your eyes with water.

It is not really advisable to apply this type of sunscreen on the body of infants younger than 6 months. If you would do otherwise, make sure you consult your dermatologist first.

If he instructs you to do so, go ahead. But if not, do not apply it because this is a chemical sunscreen that can be dangerous to an infant’s delicate skin.

Features Bullfrog Sunscreen

  1. It dries quickly when applied to the skin.
  2. It is not greasy
  3. It is sweat and water proof hence you should not be scared when water touches your skin with the bullfrog sunscreen on it.
  4. Although it is a chemical sunscreen, itl has UVA/UVB protection.


  • It is lightweight. In other words, when applied on your skin, it does not make your skin feel heavy or like you are wearing any sunscreen at all
  • It offer long lasting protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Hence, you can party all day in the sun without worrying about sunburns etc.
  • The fact that it dries quickly once applied on the skin is also a great advantage


  • It is alcohol based. Thus, it tends to sting your nose and eye area. To be safe, it is better to get a face stick sunscreen for your face alone.
  • It tends to peel off after it has been rubbed into the skin.