difference between eczema and jock itch

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difference between eczema and jock itch


The scrotum is located in the crotch area of the body that is a always warm and moist. If not properly taken care of can become a home for all forms of fungi and bacteria. Once an infection or disease break out It becomes difficult to identify the root cause.

Eczema and jock itch disease are very difficult to differentiate because they show similar symptoms in patients who is infected in any of them.

This article will seek to differentiate the difference between eczema and jock itch disease because most people hardly can tell the difference.

What is Eczema?

Eczema is an inflammation of the skin that causes the skin to be red, dry and at times scaly. Eczema results from the inability of the skin to produce more oil naturally that protect the skin from diseases.

There are different types of Eczema but the predominant type is the seborrheic dermatitis and atopic dermatitis which affect about 15 million people in the US alone. Children are not left out from this infection as it affects both infant but majority of them outgrow it.

At the moment no one seems to know the actual cause of eczema but it has been attributed to weak immune system, allergic to some reactions such as perfumes , chemicals, detergent and even jewelry and ornaments we put on.

Eczema can be treated with natural means and also with topical steroid creams that comes under various brand.

Part prone to eczema

Eczema can appear around any part of the body but it is often pronounced on the following part of the body.

What is jock itch?

Jock itch is a fungi infection cause by dermatophytes. It is characterized by itchy, red and often ring-shaped rash. Jock itch is more pronoun on individual who are overweight because their folded skin provides the breading space for fungi to leave and multiple as they like if left unchecked.

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Diabetes patients and Athletes or people who easily sweet after doing little or no Exercise might also develop this illness.

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Individual who have weak immune system can also easily get infected by this skin disease.

Can joke itch be transmitted from person to person?

Yes joke itch can be transmitted from one person to another if they both shared the same underwear, towels or even clothing that has been contaminated by an infected patient.

Symptoms :

When jock itch infect a patient that area becomes red and burning, it often comes with itching and scaling skin. Read more so that you can learn how to easily differentiate between eczema and jock itch disease.

How to prevent joke itch

Always put on clean clothes : good personal hygiene is one of the best tactics to adopt if you truly want to stay free from this infection. Always make sure your cloths are clean most importantly your underwear.

Don’t share personal items: this is a communicable disease that can spread from person to person through shared person items like cloths, shoe, underwear, towel and even sponge. Make sure all this items mentioned above are completely keep from the reach of anyone you suspect to have this infection.

Always wash your self properly: its important you wash your crotch area properly with good antiseptic soap that are hash to the skin when you are having your bath.

Treating jock itch

Prevention is better than cure they say. Maintaining good hygiene is a key to not only prevent it from happening but also to treat jock itch.

Always ensure that your underwear are always wash and sundry properly to kill any fungi infection that might break out.

You could go any  store to get any recommended  cream of any kind after seeing your doctor,Apply it on that area for at least 2 weeks to completely get rid of this disease.

difference between eczema and jock itch

eczema jock itch
cause by weak immune system, allergic reactions cause by fungi called dermatophytes
chronic skin condition not a chronic skin condition
not Transmittable Transmittable from person to person
rash appears with no define edges. rash appears in patches with clearly defined edges
rash may start in any part of the body rash starts in the groin, where your torso and legs meet

Eczema remains a chronic disease that can’t be cured but can be suppressd and manage effectively.
Healthy diet remains the best alternative to boost the immune system to be able to protect the body from foreign body.

If situation didn’t improve after few weeks it best for you to see for medical advice or even run a test to know the underlying causes of any disease or infection.