does creatine cause eczema, safe and is it a steroid?

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Creatine is an essential muscles building ingredient that is naturally produced by the body. Creatine is mostly found around the tissue.

It is considered as one of the sources of energy to athletes and those who engage in exercise as as they can easily perform more exercise over a long period of time.

How does creatine works

Creatine increase the rate at which ATP is recycled in the body. on the other hand ATP comprises the main source of energy in our muscles

Today creatine has been recognized by most body builders and athletes as an important source of energy, it is a Widely used performance enhancing supplements.

Does creatine cause eczema?

Creatine has been studied for over 40 years.
Creatine supplements have some side effects on a few numbers of people who are sensitive to creatine and one of this side effects is allergic reaction and this could trigger some sort of rash and sometime itching all over the body.

Please note that creatine can trigger up eczema on a few number of people who are sensitive to creatine. If you notice deteriorating health condition or you see an increasing amount of symptoms of eczema coming back please consult your doctor.

Little percentage of people who take more than 5 grams daily could develop small amount of water retention or an obsessed stomach.

If you are on protein restricted diet, you should consider consulting with your doctor before taking the supplements

Is creatine a steroid?

Creatine is not a steroid, in fact it is naturally produced by the body

Creatine supplements can make you increase strength and stay active. places where creatine are found include: fish, red meat, human muscles.