Home and Natural Remedy for Eczema On face , skin and legs-

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Eczema is a condition that constitute nuisance to both old and young and might even get severe if not managed or treated properly.

Most people always prefer seeing the doctors for minor problems, this is not wrong but on the other hand there are several people who would still want to try out one or two products themselves to get their problems solved.
So today We will be giving tips and remedies to get rid of eczema

What is Eczema?

Eczema also known as atopic dermatitis is a chronic skin condition characterized by dry skin, red patches, and irritation. It causes the affected skin to be irritated or inflamed. As opposed to a particular wellbeing condition.

For years eczema has posses a serious health challenge to human with no one well knowing the underlying causes. Even Children are not spared by this infection, if exposed they could get infected from 3 months of their first existence

Early symptoms of eczema

Eczema normally starts as red, raised little blisters containing an unmistakable liquid on red, hoisted plaques. At the point when the blisters break, the infected skin will overflow.

Early symptoms of eczema is mostly characterize by itchy skin with areas of poorly
demarcated erythema and scale. In the acute phase in most patients, eczema may be vesicular and oozing, while in the
chronic phase in some cases it may become hyperpigmented and lichenified making scratch
marks visible because of the uncomfortable condition .

Please note that eczema is not really a disease or a sickness but rather it is an inflammation of the skin.
Its side effects may go from gentle to serious and may have a contrary negative impact on the brain of the affected person. It can be discovered anyplace on the skin, be it nose, legs, face or even at the back. There is no specificity of the patches. It can really be an overbearing experience.
You can utilize simple solutions to dispose of skin inflammation without much side reactions.


Treatment depends on the part of the body that is affected and also the age of the patient should also be considered.

For Adult

If you want to treat eczema always use compresses of potassium permanganate, this help in to reduce weeping.

For Babies

For effective treatment in babies it’s advisable to make use of hydrocortisone it should be applied twice daily for a sustained period of 7 days

Other well known products

Several products have been tested and proven to be effective against eczema. Products such as rose water, Aloe Vera, rosehip seed oil, including chamomile cream or tea, and OTP products, are alleviating to the skin and will in truth help stop the irritation provoked by eczema.

Rosehip seed oil is one of the better solutions for eczema on the face, as it will reestablish some genuinely necessary hydration back to the skin.
Rose water:

Mix the same amount of rose water and lemon juice. Apply the blend all over for 30 minutes and after that wash off with water. Utilizing rose water consistently diminishes eczema.

Aloe Vera:

It has more than 75 vitamins and supplements that all contribute and advance the improvement of solid skin cells, in addition to basic facts that hydrate dry skin, as well as itching. Cut a leave and apply the liquid to the affected area.

Rosehip seed oil:

Two pumps of oil will go far when applied twice a day to washed face. Rub in roundabout movements to enable it to enter into the skin. Search for cool squeezed, natural oil without any filler, aside from vitamin E since this vitamin keeps rosehip oil from going rancid. Storing in the fridge for later use it will also cool the temperature and the itching.

Chamomile: Scientific Researchers have found out that chamomile is 60% effective as 0.25% of hydrocortisone cream. It is very ideal for eczema treatment with quick results.

Over-the-counter (OTC): These are medications or products which can be bought without a prescription. Most are used to help skin symptoms like redness, itching, rashes.


Tea Tree Oil: Known to be superior to standard tingle medications. Known to have great germicide, wound mending, contagious executioner impacts. It’s even known to be more

grounded than standard lotions and hostile to tingle creams intended for skin inflammation. This is the intensity of common fixings without a worry for symptoms (except if you have a particular sensitivity).
Directions: Consolidate 10 drops of tea tree oil with one tablespoon of additional virgin olive oil and one tablespoon of liquefied coconut oil. Blend well, and store in a fixed compartment. Apply to the influenced region up to two times per day until the point when the result is achieved.
Coconut Oil: This is extraordinary for both dietary and topical utilization.

Direction: Use alone, or a blend with other fundamental oils and waxes for a multi-fixing normal body skin cream. Get a total spread. Rub on influenced territories. Blend with different oils to make your decent little elixir.
Jojoba Oil (“Wax”): This enters the skin incredibly. It is an incredible lotion. It’s likewise outstanding for treating skin break out and other skin issues since it doesn’t stop up pores and is non-oily.

Directions: Can utilize specifically in weakened forms. Use as a base oil for blends.
Shea Butter Shea butter indeed works wonders. Very good for restorative purposes. With the radiant saturating impacts until the point that it gives you the intended result. Immaculate as lip analgesic, and for applying to dry skin patches and irritations.

Directions: You can apply Shea spread straightforwardly to the influenced skin patches. Whip some into your bathing water to include an additional layer of oil to soak your skin.
Honey: Honey is a great cure for eczema. It’s anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. It helps accelerate the recuperating procedure of broken skin, and it’s a humectant (attracts water to it.) The drawback is that it can get sticky, so this is best when utilized in little regions, as opposed to slathering all over your skin, legs, and arms.

Directions: Organic raw honey, bandage, but it’s optional. Wash your hands and pat them dry. Apply a thin layer of honey over the influenced region. You can cover it with a wrap to shield it from rubbing off on anything, it is very important to let it relax. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes after which you wash it off with cool water, pat dry, and reapply another thin layer of honey at least 3 times for the duration of the day.


  • Do whatever it takes not to scratch and rub the influenced skin and restrict contact with materials or substances that may chafe your skin. Dress in delicate, breathable attire and stay away from bothersome textures like such as wool, which can additionally aggravate your eczema.
  • Take advantage of the knowledge of other individuals adapting to skin inflammation.
  • Figure out how to maintain a strategic distance from stressful situations or adapt to them by utilizing techniques for stress management.
  • Watch out for certain cleanser, creams, toners, shaving creams that might trigger eczema. When you observe carefully you will discover which of your daily products that trigger eczema.


Never make use of normal soap while taking your bath as this can trigger it eczema. It’s advisable to make use of non-subsidised soap-free washes.

If you discover a pus like liquid coming out from it, then it might have been infected with more severe infections such as staph. aureus. You can consult your doctor at this point to find out the underlying causes or type of infection but if it’s staph then antibiotics should be given to eliminate it.

Always avoid coming in contact with anything that can make the condition get worse things like perfumes, spray, detergent and soap.

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