how to heal bruises overnight:face, leg, body

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how to heal bruises overnight

Do you have bruises all over your body that makes you wonder if it will ever clear away on it own?
Going to the doctor is not the only way to get ride of bruises and scars on the body there are some home remedy and product you could get that can be of great help to you.

If you want your bruises to heal or subside along side the pain that comes with it the you should try the following


immediately you have been exposed to pressure that result to bruises the first thing to do is to apply ice immediately as this will help reduce the pressure and constrict or reduce possible swelling around the affected area

Note: it is not advisable to apply ice to bruises that have long after it has happened as this could could be counterproductive.

If you are good in watching football games you will notice that once a player get hit by the ball or by the boot of another player the first thing that is administered to the play is a pack of ice over the affected area. Honestly this has proven so effective to instantly reduce pressure over night.


in a situation where the bruises has already swollen and it has been about 48-72 hours it happened but you still experience some degree of pain the next option to get some relief by applying heat to it, as this will help the blood to circulate through the affected area and also help in moving the subcutaneous blood away from the area

Vitamin K

this is an essential vitamin that the body should not lack because it helps the blood to clot.
We assume you already have the bruises and you are looking for a way to eliminate it as quickly as you can,the best way to achieve this is by getting some creams that contains vitamins K, they mostly appear in various brands out there so we will save you the stress by listing some brands we know that will work for you.
1. Swanson : this cream is delivered in an aloe Vera base and some other essential oil that makes the healing process fast most of this oil are Delivered in an aloe vera base, the cream contains jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax, cocoa butter and shea butter – you should apply it to the affected area twice a day for maximum effect.
2. Aroma Naturals: this is a natural supplement that contain vitamin K which helps to heal broken vain, capillaries and also helps to eliminate all forms of bruises.
3. Swiss Botany: if you really want your bruises to fade away quickly then try Swiss Botany. It is made of vitamin K extract that also help in healing bruises.

There are many brands out there that you can get in the store but when buying them try as much as you can to pay attention at the content of the cream.

Vitamin C

vitamin C is also known as Ascorbic Acid, for ages vitamin C has been used to treat scars and aid quick recovery process. Ascorbic acid does not only heal bruises but also heals pigmentation, burns and acne scars.
Always make sure your product contains vitamin C.

How to use it – apply it in the area most affected for a period of about the 4 to 6 weeks while on this medical always try as much as you can to avoid direct contact to the sun for long hours as this can worsen the whole things up.

Vitamin A:

vitamin A also works wonders when it comes to scars,


Flavonoids have antioxidant that helps heal the capillaries and fight against infection. Try to eat food that contains Flavonoids as this will help boast your body defense mechanism. Flavonoid-rich foods include cocoa, apples, onions, cranberries, tea and red wine, all this have done


if you are suffering from constant bruises then you should try increasing your consumption of pineapple. Pineapples contains enzymes called bromelain that helps eliminate scars in no distance time.
There are some bromelain supplements out there you can lay your hand on they are sold under various brand name


pawpwa also known as papaya contains bromelain in large quantities, a study recently conducted shows that individuals who add pawpaw regularly to their diet will experience less severe scars.