How to use calamin lotion for eczema treatment

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Do you have eczema that is proving stubborn to clear off? Are you looking for the best moisturizer that will help reduce the pain and excessive dryness you experience?

After reading this article you will be able to handle all forms of inflammatory on your skin.

Eczema is really something that you can easily treat at home if you don’t have time for a Dermatology at the present.

Managing eczema is not a rocket science like other medical condition that constantly involves the advice of a professional before taking a single decision.

It’s better we have a perfect understanding of what eczema is all about before we proceed to the treatment plan.

Understanding eczema

Eczema is a skin condition characterized by dry skin, red patches, and irritation or inflammation of the skin.

There are different types of Eczema but the most common is atopic eczema.

Symptoms of eczema

  • Thickened, swollen looking skin, signifying inflammation
  • Scaling
  • Redness or rashes
  • Itchiness
  • Dryness and/or flakey skin
  • Splitting of the skin

How to treat eczema

This article will center purely on how to treat eczema using calamin lotion if you want to view other treatment plan then click here.

We all understand that picking the right location that best suit our skin when we go over to the store remains a daunting task.

We will be presenting you with an alternative treatment that don’t require the help of a medical petitioner like a Dermatology before you can make use of it.

Believe me it is save and comes with no adverse reaction, only a little % of patents have shown adverse an reactions

How to use calamin lotion for eczema treatment

Calamin lotion is a combination zinc oxide and ferric oxide;it is an essential medicine that helps reduce itchiness and irritation on the skin.

We all know that itchiness is the hallmark of eczema so to get instant relief from this unbearable dryness of the skin you should consider making use of calamin lotion.

Calamin lotion does not only help to reduce itchiness which is one of the symptoms of eczema but also helps to dry oozing or weeping on the skin.

It soften your skin and helps in retaining skin moisture which in turn helps to ward of bacteria and infection.

If you have acne, even chicken pox and measles you can still treat all this skin disease with calamin lotion.

Calamin lotion is not an oral medication and should not by any means be swallowed. It’s only made to be use on skin.

How does calamin lotion helps eczema sufferers?

Like we said before, calamin lotion is a combination of zinc oxide and ferric oxide which has some anti-inflammatory properties that enables the body to heal fast from eczema and other skin related infection.

Once applied to the body there is this cooling sensation that the patient will feel which goes a long way to reduce itchiness, dryness and other symptoms of eczema.

Is calamin lotion safe for babies?

Calamin lotion is safe for babies above 6months of age.

make sure it is only use for a limited period of time also Make sure it does not come in contact with the baby’s eyes or mouth.

In a situation when it comes in contact with the eyes you are advised to wash it thoroughly with water

How should make use of calamine?

If you closely look at the label there is always a direction on how to apply it.

Before you apply it on your skin, it’s important you wash your self properly.

Ensure you shake the calamin lotion very well so that all content are mixed properly.

Then pour it on your hands and message your body gently and slowly, make sure your properly apply it on the places that are mostly affected.

Allow it to dry. This should be repeated for at least 7 days, watch if symptoms reduces or not.

Note: only a few number of parents have experienced an adverse reaction. If symptoms persist after 7 days consult your doctor.

How safe is calamin lotion?

Calamin lotion is very safe to use provided you follow the prescription properly.

Once you apply it make sure you stay in a ventilated area to avoid inhaling much of the zinc oxide, if you do there is chances that you might affect your nervous system.

Because of the toxic nature of zinc oxide it is advisable for you to use it for a short period of time, lets say 7 days.

Does calamin lotion has any side effects?

Calamin lotion for sure have some side effects on a few number of people who are allergic to zinc oxide.

Most patients have developed redness of the skin, rashes, difficult in breathing and other forms of reaction.

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